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Adoption.com promotes and supports adoption through community, education, and empowerment. Adoption.com remains a safe and welcoming environment for all users. Behavior that endangers this type of environment will not be tolerated. We recognize that there will be differing opinions, but we ask that members be sensitive to others' emotions and viewpoints. We recognize that there are many sides to adoption and that not every adoption or foster care experience is positive, however, Adoption.com is a pro-adoption site. Here are general guidelines to ensure this page is a safe and respectful place for the adoption community: • Disagreements and respectful discussions are encouraged. • Name-calling and personal attacks are unacceptable. Repeated offense users will be banned from the page. • Promote what you’re seeking to achieve, rather than criticizing people that offend or bother you. • Challenge issues, not people. We are a digital media company and not an adoption agency.
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