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Choosing the best treatment option for back or neck pain can be overwhelming. Often when seeking advanced spine care solutions, patients face an array of confusing, even conflicting, choices. Dr. Mocek reduces this confusion by using an open and comprehensive approach throughout the entire diagnosis and treatment process. Unlike other facilities that take an uncoordinated, multi-physician approach, Dr. Mocek offers a multidisciplinary team approach to treating each patient. With a cooperative team of spinal medicine physicians, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, physiatrists, physical therapists, psychologists, chiropractors and specialized nurses, we are able to the offer the best spine care solutions and stay up to date on the latest medical advancements. Advanced SpineCare Treatment Options In the past, treatment options were limited. Patients were subjected to two options: Intensive spinal surgery or living with the pain. Recent advancements have allowed Dr. Mocek to offer advanced spine care solutions that bridge the gap between conservative treatments and traditional surgery. When treating patients, we offer solutions that include: Medications Injections Physical Therapy Minimally Invasive Treatments Historically, due to unknown pain generators, spine surgeries were limited in their exploratory efforts. Now, with the use of diagnostic spinal injections, the source of the patient's pain can be more clearly defined. When administering these injections, Dr. Mocek uses only the most advanced x-ray techniques. Also, when performing any type of advanced spine care procedure, Dr. Mocek makes the patient comfortable with conscious sedation techniques, including both nitrous oxide and intravenous medications. To find out more about your advanced spine care treatment options, contact Dr. Mocek today to schedule an appointment.
At Mocek Spine Clinic our advanced spine care solutions are designed to provide compassionate and personal patient-centered care. We get you back to life!