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This art of healing called Acupuncture, which began in ancient China, has thrived over 3, 000 years along with the popularity of Oriental Medicine because it is effective. It is indeed a very safe and useful method of encouraging the body to naturally heal itself with the use of super- thin needles inserted on specific body points that produce a balanced energy flow and a feeling of comfort and relief. Acupuncture is popularly known to bring relief in hypertension, headache, migraine, back and neck pain, skin diseases, allergies, digestive and sleeping disorders, infertility and other gynecological problems. It also helps in the treatment of weight loss, detoxification, appetite control, stress and early stage cancer, substance and alcohol addiction, post-stroke rehabilitation and weak immune system, among others. You already know what Acupuncture is. You only need to meet your Acupuncturist. Dr. Noel Zosa is a Licensed Acupuncturist from California, USA. Filipinos don't need to travel to California, USA just to experience their famous Acupuncture. Dr. Zosa is now in the heart of Manila, and he's loving it! Come visit him. Dr. Noel Zosa was featured in Manila Bulletin's Health and Lifestyle - Well-being Section entitled the Art of Needles by Mark Christian Lagarile. A life free from pain; a mind so relaxed; and a body peacefully enjoying the richness and beauty of its fruitful bounty with balance and harmony encompassing its totality, is what one experiences after a series of encounters with this good and well-trained acupuncturist. Acupuncture made balikbayan Dr. Noel F. Zosa come back to the Philippines for good. Seeing most of us becoming very health conscious, he made it his goal to educate the Filipino people more about its amazing benefits as it is considered one of the best and proven effective alternative medicine today. Dr. Zosa is a Licensed Acupuncturist who grew up in California. He decided to pursue a career in Complimentary Medicine traveling to China to learn how acupuncture is being practiced in the ancient eastern culture. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Technology at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila in 1999 and graduated with a Degree of Master of Science in Acupuncture from South Baylo University in Anaheim, California in 2005. In an interview, Dr. Zosa described what makes a good acupuncturist and revealed how he executes his craft. “Getting the patients to experience positive results is what makes a good acupuncturist wherein he incorporates proper diet, meditation, and exercise in his patient’s program,” he said. “My philosophy in life is to always go for the win-win situation. The fact that acupuncture is natural, safe and effective makes it the best alternative medicine. It has been around for thousands of years so you know that it is a superior form of medicine,” he added. Noel Zosa, L.Ac. created a program that extends the philosophy of healing and balance of mind, body and spirit through acupuncture, healthy diet and regular exercise. He maintains an acupuncture clinic in Pico Rivera, California and Long Beach, California. He recently opened his new clinic in Manila, Philippines. Come and try Dr. Zosa's proven health care expertise. Still one of the best and effective medical alternatives today, acupuncture is more than needles; it is a drug-free and non-surgical approach to achieving balance of energy, healing naturally and preventing diseases. With Dr. Zosa's acupuncture, more than lots of health benefits, enjoy the painless difference! Try Dr. Zosa's Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in Manila Clinic: "Joyful Wellness Treatment Within Your Reach. Quality Health Care Provider You Can Trust." Remember, his clinic is just ten minutes away from SM Mall of Asia, and is a stone's throw away from the best place to view the breathtaking sunset of Manila Bay. See you there! Schedule an Acupuncture Appointment with a Licensed Acupuncturist in Manila, Philippines at Acupuncture Philippines Manila Clinic of Dr. Noel Zosa L.Ac. Clinic is open by appointment only everyday from Monday to Sunday 9:00AM TO 6:00PM. It is located at Suite 12T 12th floor Legaspi Towers 300, Roxas Blvd. corner Pablo Ocampo St. (formerly Vito Cruz St.) Manila (beside Trader's Hotel and in front of Cultural Center of the Philippines or CCP) For more information visit: For acupuncture appointments, please email [email protected] or call +632 3992117 or +63 9107095745. Look for Mark. Thank you.
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