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Anunitha Deaddiction Centre

Addiction Treatment Center
De-addiction at ‘anunitha’ is a process of helping a person in various stages of use of alcohol and drugs with or without associated mental health issues to recon, to relinquish or reduce the intake, and eventually recover. The approach is holistic where along with the problem the person who is having problem is also professional supported. Various areas of life affected due to alcohol and drug problem like physical, psychological, emotional, occupational, interpersonal, educational and familial are all addressed systematically. As the individual with problem due to alcohol and drug is unique and different the De-Addiction interventions are also unique to the needs of the individual. Anunitha has various De-Addiction programs to suit to the needs of the individuals. The De-addiction programs at anunitha are not compartments but they are continuum and anybody that needs De-Addiction services can fit into it while individual personal issues are addressed with utmost confidentiality at personal level. FOR WHOM: • Alcohol Dependence Syndrome • Nicotine Dependence Syndrome • Poly substance Abuse/Dependence • Cannabis Abuse/Dependence • Drug Abuses/Dependence like Marijuana, Opiods, etc., • Dual Diagnosis of Substance abuse with associated psychiatric problems • Prescription Drug abuse like Sleeping tablets abuse, Spasmoproxyvon, Codeine, Cough syrups and Etc. • Drug Induced psychosis • Mood Disorders with Drug abuse or Alcohol abuse • Schizophrenia with Drug abuse or Alcohol abuse
Deaddiction services with internationally acclaimed programs, therapeutic interventions based on addiction medicine with best of living facilities.