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SALE – The sale is final. There will be no return, refund or replacement. STITCHING - We stitch as per the measurement provided by customers. No website guarantee perfect fittings, neither do we. Just like every other website, we also mention in our terms that you may or may not need alteration. It is not a reason to return or refund. BOLLYWOOD REPLICAS - Pictures shown are for reference purpose only. Please note that while you purchase bollywood Salwar suits and Sarees. You are getting a replica (a copy) of the outfit you see in the picture and that is not the actual one that star/celebrity is wearing. It is our closest attempt to make the outfit look alike celebrity styled designer outfit. It might vary in work/fabric or color combination, though we try out best to give a similar look considering the budget of the sale price. We do not accept returns for refund or replacement for an issue of similarity. SHADE - Because of different color settings on different cell-phones, tablets and computer screens the color shade may vary. What is dark here may look lighter shade on different screens. If the screen resolution is less color and bright screen. Similarly what is light color here may look dark on your screen. The color shade may vary. This is not a reason to return of refund.
TO ORDER - Please send us a message to our facebook inbox. Whatsapp +918460963676 Phone +919879068602