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Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide

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Heroin is a huge epidemic that's spreading across a large population of people. It is not discriminatory and preys on the genetic predisposition of addiction. Sadly, there is a lot of misinformation on the web and elsewhere regarding heroin and opiate addiction. Thus, this website attempts to debunk those myths with the truth related to addiction, recovery and treatment options. The publisher of this community is a recovering addict and knows what it's like to feel and experience defeat related to heroin addiction. It took almost losing it all and several attempts of quitting cold turkey to recognize that he needed help. After a lot of assistance and support from others in addition plus time and dedication to recovery spent at a Methadone clinic, he's developed a heart and passion to give back and help others beat and conquer their own drug addiction. You can view the publisher's full story on the website. The Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide website and Facebook page was created for 3 purposes: 1. To spread awareness and information regarding the heroin epidemic, addiction and recovery 2. To provide a venue of support and encouragement to those in recovery 3. To help those still suffering from addiction find the best treatment centers and get and stay clean and sober "Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide" is a registered Trademark of Modern Image, LLC - a company dedicated to self improvement and image development. Get past the hype and learn what really works to conquer drug addiction and speak with those who've been through it all by visiting and becoming a contributing member of our Heroin Addiction & Recovery Discussion Forum ( Visit our Heroin Addiction & Treatment Blog ( for up to date information about conquering heroin addiction.
We help addicts find the best rehabs and get the genuine addiction help and support they need. Our discussion forum also provides ongoing encouragement.