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Agricultural Service
Smart Krishi is a pioneering and award-winning business offering a bouquet of ICT solutions across the entire agri value chain. With app users of more than 80,000+ and 4,13,000= facebook page followers, Smart Krishi has been the preferred choice for farmers across country and abroad as well. Our products and services are powered by hundreds of agri experts and head team. Our partnerships with leading academic, government, financial and research institutes give us access to thousands of sources of agri information. Our services are enabling farmers to lower costs, increase yields and make informed decisions about their farming practices.It inspires the youth to take up agriculture as farming with a lot of emphasis on organic and profitable farming. It keeps in mind the health and prosperity of all i.e. taking mankind and nature together.
सम्पूर्ण कृषि गतिबिधि समेटिएको नेपालको पहिलो कृषि एप..व्यवसायिक कृषकको भरपर्दो साथी!