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Softwarica College is a pioneer in introducing British Education in Nepal. Established in 2010, the college has crossed significant milestones in this short span of time. This is evident by the fact that the student number has already crossed 400 and is becoming very popular among students who aspire to gain a British Qualification. Student satisfaction in terms of course delivery and other academic resources is among the highest in Nepal. Located at the heart of Kathmandu with 17,000 Sq ft of land area and 15,000 Sq ft of building area, currently being named as “Block A” and “Block B”, Softwarica College caters well to tech savvy and enthusiastic students. With additional acquisition of 8th floor of a Commercial Building at Charkhal, Dillibazar, Kathmandu, new space with an area of 5,000 Sq Feet has been added named as “Block C”. This space will be furnished to develop state of the art Computer Labs with broadband internet connection, Virtual classrooms, Seminar Hall with audio visual facility and Ultra modern classroom for students pursuing Final Year of their Bachelor Degree. With this additional space and service, we are confident that students will have added advantage towards pursuing UK qualifications making use of services and infrastructure at par with UK institutions. Softwarica College is an avid follower of education based on practical approach. Since, British education system is based on practical approach, the College has readily incorporated this education system. Regular assignments, report writing, field visits, research, group discussions and presentations are basic features of program delivery. The college recognizes the fact that in order to be successful in finding a rewarding career, real life skills are also essential. For this reason, classes are held on personality development, presentation skills and public speaking skills. This combination of both academic and real life skills would thus help students towards their holistic development. With a view to provide real time work experience right after the completion of the first year, students are provided with internship opportunities with renowned Companies in Nepal. Similarly, after the completion of second year students are placed in various companies in Nepal and abroad in positions according to their skill level. Hence, by the time a student graduates, he/she would have more than one year of real time work experience facilitating them to sought positions in the middle level in companies both at home and abroad. Having all these unique features, Softwarica College has been able to differentiate among numerous private colleges in Nepal. The College is committed to adding new innovative features besides continuing the existing standards to create an indelible mark in Nepali Private Education sector. For prospective students, all we ask is several years of commitment and then students are guaranteed an extra ordinary academic journey which they will value throughout their lives. With state of the art computer labs, well equipped technical and networking labs, library with exhaustive collection of books on IT and Business, local and international experts on teaching faculties, the college is truly an ideal place to hone students’ skills and gain an internationally recognized qualification.
Softwarica College is a pioneer in introducing British Education. We offer Level 4 and Level 5 Diploma in Computing awarded by NCC Education, UK.