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Tap ‘n Pay is the pioneer in the field of NFC (Near Field Communication) card Based Mobile Banking in Bangladesh. Mobile banking is a service provided by a bank or other financial institution that allows its customers to conduct financial transactions remotely using a mobile device. Our target is to serve the people who live in the rural areas of our country so that they can achieve broader financial and services that are convenient, affordable and reliable. More than 70% of the population of Bangladesh lives in rural areas where access to formal financial services is difficult. Yet these are the people who are in most need of such services. With the help of our NFC card users can Cash in, cash out, send money, check balance, mobile top up, Utility bill Payment, Tuition fee Payment, Merchant Payment, Buy Tickets, Online Shopping, Remittance, Disbursement, Government Allowance, Subsidy & Tax Payment, Insurance Premium Collection, DPS & A/C Deposit, Loan Disbursement & Installment Collection. When it comes to security, we attach utmost priority to our customers as we understand the concern regarding security. We are providing a 3-layer security for customers, which are: • NFC Card • PIN Number • OTP (One Time Password) This is the most secured way of doing any financial transaction in present Mobile Financial Service Industry of Bangladesh. Using Tap ‘n Pay card for doing a transaction will make our customers’ life easy. No worries for network fall issue. Customers need to tap the card and complete the transaction without any hassle. At the same time, as a confirmation, even an SMS is missed because of some reason, a receipt will be given to customers as the confirmation of a successful transaction. The most convenient and easiest way of transacting money from one place to another within the country with the latest technology is now here. No matter, what the time is, no matter where ever a customer is, it is just a blink to get the money in the most secured way that no one has offered yet.
Tap ‘n Pay came to the market with one of the most advanced technology in the field of Mobile banking. With our 4G LTE technology we will be providing the most robust, secured, reliable & hassle free service than anyone can offer.