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Team believes totoo sport I am the sports field is very important in the world so we have created a company that provides all the services in the field of sports media in no doubt that we are confident of the success of our company in the service of sport in all parts of the world Group's goal is to achieve excellence in every process and corporate citizenship presents many challenges . Every business faces different economic and social requirements and regulatory . Each faces competition and rapid technological progress , which describes the responses designed . However, at the group level , our key strategies are clear : * We will focus on the development of sports media in all parts of the world , not only at the local level . * We will focus on increasing customers , and stimulate usage through innovative services . * We will continue to play an important role in bridging the information gap in the sports media so can we access to all of the love of sport in the world. * We will continue to invest in emerging markets , and the development of new growth engines to fuel the next stage of our evolution and diversification of sources of income we have. * We will continue to support initiatives and continental development in the emerging markets of Africa. * We will continue to embrace the philosophies of corporate citizenship and sustainable development in all our operations
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